Secret Joy

George Mueller - Extraordinary Faith and Secret Joy
In the 1800's, English orphans were housed in disease-infested institutions, forced to work long hours, barely fed, and harshly treated.*

George Mueller (1805-1898) gave up all he owned and worked without salary for the sake of these orphans. 

Without asking for money, he prayed three orphanages into existence. But his heart broke for those he still had to turn away. 

His next prayer request was "impossible"--an orphanage for 700. Times were hard and people thought he was crazy. But Mueller journaled these words: "The greatness of the sum required affords me a kind of secret joy; for the greater the difficulty to be overcome, the more will it be seen to the glory of God how much can be done by prayer and faith."

Before his death, Mueller clothed, sheltered, and educated over 10,000 orphans without ever asking for a shilling.

Imagine if we had even a tiny bit of Mueller's willingness to give ourselves and our finances to others.

Reading Mueller's biography inspired me, but it also made me ashamed for my small and stingy faith.

May I love the Lord with the same passion as George Mueller.

* Charles Dicken's, a contemporary of Mueller, wrote Oliver, the well-known fictional novel based on the cruel lives of the orphanages, poor houses, and street children during that time in history.

The "e" in Mueller's name is added because we have no equivalent to the German umlaut (u with two dots above it) in German. The name is pronounced as if it were spelled Meller.

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George Mueller- Extraordinary Faith and Secret Joy


  1. Wonderful story. So inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I also love the fact that he was a wayward turned believer. That in itself is remarkable and encouraging for parents... Thanks for the wonderful reminders here.

  3. Yes, I felt that I lacked faith even for the daily thing we need for our family let alone rising to a higher level of praying and doing for the needs of others, like the orphans that Muller worked with. I love his story and this was an encouraging post, Gail. Have a fantastic day!!

    BTW...Your Facebook page looks great. I should comment and link (or whatever you asked for...I'll go back to your email :-) ) when I don't have someone cute squirming in my lap

  4. I've long admired Mueller... and echo your words: "Reading Muller's biography inspired me, but it also made me ashamed for my small and stingy faith."

    God gives us these "lesser lights," I think, that we can be reminded to follow "the Light of the World," Jesus, into the pathways of practical, sacrificial love. Thanks for sharing, Gail.

  5. Always enjoy a good Mueller story. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I am reading this with my 7, 6, & 2 year old daughters right now for school, and wow!!! Thank you for sharing this with the world. We keep praying that we would be open to God growing us (all believers!) in faith for His glory!

  7. I love the story of George Muller. Oh my, what incredible faith he had. I have read the book you mentioned here, and we have it in our church library. Had he lived in a different era, I'm sure he would have been included in the Faith chapter, Hebrews 11. Thanks so much for sharing, and keeping this story alive. ~ Abby


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