Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder Tearing Ligaments, Painful Frozen Shoulder, Painful spiritual atrophy
Ten years ago, I developed a frozen shoulder. It's a condition in which the ligaments surrounding the joint swell and stiffen, restricting mobility.*

By the time I was diagnosed, I couldn't scratch my back. Thus began painful sessions with a physical therapist to slowly stretch and tear the ligaments around the shoulder. 

Research shows it's unlikely a person will get a frozen shoulder twice. I'm convinced that's because you never forget the pain of recovery. 

Two years ago, I let my relationship with the Lord get stiff. The results were more limiting than my frozen shoulder. And it took difficult stretching and tearing to restore what I'd lost. I never want it to happen again. 

If you've let your relationship with the Lord stiffen, I encourage you to do something about it now before it gets worse.

"Physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things...both the present life and the life to come." 1 Timothy 4:8

For another 1-minute devotion about my break in my relationship with the Lord:
Spiritual Atrophy


  1. Great correlation!
    I know what you mean by becoming "your relationship with the Lord stiffen". I will never, ever do that again.

  2. That's an interesting comparison. I know what this limitation content, because my husband has had a froozen shoulder. With injections and therapy. Therefore it is obvious to me :-) Thank you for this spiritual ( biblical) lesson.

  3. What a wonderful analogy, or metaphorical thinking!! That is an amazing contrast, Gail. Thank you, I needed this.

  4. Excellent analogy! When we finally get around to doing 'therapy' on our stiff relationship with the Lord, He does have to tear away bad patterns we've developed to make us soft and supple in His hands!

    I'd love for you to come on over and share this on my link-up today. I KNOW others would be blessed and challenged!

  5. Why we let these things happen is beyond me! I see my chronic illness as a gift from our Pappa's hand for even if I wanted to, which I do not, want to drift away from our Lord, I cannot afford too! Sometimes His wisdom and His answers to our prayers are not what we would see as good, but then our little finite understanding cannot even begin to comprehend His majesty and goodness.
    Much love from Tacy's linky.

  6. Ahh good comparison! And I so agree with you :) Thanks for linking with me!

  7. Absolutely great comparison. I've suffered from frozen shoulder syndrome for several years and that pain is incredible. It is a great reminder to keep exercising our relationship with the LORD so we do not become useless members of the body. THANK YOU!

  8. Great comparison! (I've had frozen shoulder in both shoulders and the pain of going through physical therapy is something I'll never forget.)


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