A Precious Story

Elder Orphans, ITEC I-See Program
My friend Kim works with the "forgotten elderly" in Romania. Some of these seniors were found living on the streets because they couldn't survive on their small pensions.

The stories from her ministry always inspire me. They have God written all over them. 

Before one of her trips to visit her "Elder Orphans" in Romania, I offered her a book I got on one of my mission trips to Hungary. It was Max Lucado's book "You Are Special," a children's book with adult application. Even though it was translated into Hungarian, not Romanian, I gave it to Kim in case she could use it.

While in Romania, Kim's team brought "sight to the blind" distributing prescription eyeglasses through the I-See program. 

Many of these seniors had not been able to read for years.

When the elderly Irina was fitted for her glasses, Kim remembered (from previous trips) that Irina often sat holding a book, wishing she could read it. But since Kim's last visit, Irina had given away her only book.

This seemed so tragic to Kim until she remembered Max Lucado's book in her backpack. Through an interpreter, Kim asked Irina's nationality.
Elder Orphans, ITEC I-See Program
Irina couldn't read her only book, so she gave it away.

You guessed it ... Hungarian! Irina was thrilled and immediately began reading.

Elder Orphans, ITEC I-See Program
Kim and Irina--new glasses and new book.
That's our God. He wanted Irina, Kim, and me to participate in His love story, to know He is intimately involved in our lives, to say to us "You are Special." Matt.10:29-31

Some details: 
  • My husband and I used to live and do ministry in Hungary, and we return each year for several months. This book was left over from some ministry supplies.
  • The English title for Lucado's book is "You are Special. The Hungarian title can be translated "You are Special" or "You are Precious."
  • According to the 2011 Romanian census, 6.5% of the population in Romania is Hungarian (source)

Read some interesting details of this story on Kim's blog Wow Dee Wow: The Blind Can See.
And like her FB page to follow her ministry on FB: Elder Orphan Care.


  1. What a great story! Isn't our God great?

  2. Gail, thank you not only for writing this blog, but for being a major character in the story God wrote! Your friendship has been used by God to bless and encouragement me and "my world" more times than I can count. I thank God that He loves me so much that out of 7 billion people in the world I get to call Gail Purath my friend! How rich I am! :)

  3. Love it! It's so good to recognize God working through us, in ways we never imagine!

  4. It's so encouraging to see how God works so perfectly in filling our every single need! Another reason why this devotional is very dear to my heart is, well, because I am Romanian! I moved to USA 5 years ago, a change that was extremely hard for me, but I can thank God He was with me every single minute. So, knowing that you have friends ministering in my dear country is so comforting for me. I know the needs are far more greater than we can imagine. I will pray for Kim and her team, so they can reach more souls and show them the love of Christ.

  5. I read this over at Wow Dee Wow and now your version of the same story. What an amazing story!!

  6. Wow, you lived over there? Cool! What a blessing to be able to return there every year for awhile.

    A gal from our church travels over to Romania nearly every year (or as often as she can) to minister over there. She loves the people over there. We've met some of them and they are very gracious.

    Also, just wanted you to know that the "Making Your Home Sing Monday" linky party is up and ready for you to link up your posts this week.

    1. Thanks so much for linking up to the "Making Your Home Sing" linky party today! :)


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