Like Vitamin C, Christians Should Bring Health and Healing to Our World - Matthew 5:13

Countering the Poisons of the World, Salt and Light Christians
"When toxic or poisonous substances gain access to the body, adequate vitamin C, if available, often detoxifies them…In every case, vitamin C appears to be the good Christian…” 
Adelle Davis, nutritionist

Nutritionists believe Vitamin C helps heal a plethora of health problems. But because it's used up in the healing process, they recommend taking it regularly.

I find it interesting that most animals produce Vitamin C, but humans lack the enzyme required in the last step of synthesis. I have no Scriptural proof, but I have a hunch God created our bodies to produce vitamin C but He removed that ability in Genesis 6:3 to limit our lifespan. 

Whether our bodies ever produced Vitamin C or not, it is a good analogy for good Christians. We can use our energy to bring healing and wholeness to our world by detoxifying the poisonous influences. It's a bit like being the salt of the earth.

Resource: Wiki Vitamin C


  1. I really liked this post. Thanks Gail.

  2. I can't take vitamin C anymore. Well, I can't eat oranges because the acidity just kills my stomach, lol! So I just assumed I needed to avoid the vitamins too.

    But I really love how you used it for the analogy. That was awesome! Thank you so much for linking up to "Making Your Home Sing Monday" today!


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