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Romans 2:15, man understands right and wrong
Don’t you love when science proves the Bible’s accuracy? 

This happened in a recent study featured on 60 Minutes. Using puppets, researchers proved that babies (6-10 months old) consistently show positive feelings toward those who help others and negative feelings toward those who hurt others.

These findings refute psychologists like B.F. Skinner who claimed children are clean slates, gaining all values and attitudes through conditioning.

Researcher Paul Bloom said the baby lab is proving “there's a universal moral core that all humans share. The seeds of our understanding of justice, our understanding of right and wrong, are part of our biological nature.”

Of course, God already told us this:
“The Gentiles do not have the Law; but… Their conduct shows that what the Law commands is written in their hearts. Their consciences also show that this is true, since their thoughts sometimes accuse them and sometimes defend them.” Romans 2:14-15 (GNT)

Today I’m rejoicing in the God who knows it all and chose to write some of His goodness on our hearts!

Check it out here:  Babies Help Unlock the Origins of Morality

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