Respecting Our Differences

Different views of celebrating Christmas
Some Christians don’t celebrate Christmas because they don't believe Christ was born on December 25th.

Instead, they think our present Christmas celebration originated with a pagan holiday and the Christmas tree originated with tree-worship.

Other Christians believe the actual date doesn't matter. And whether or not December 25th was once a pagan holiday, they feel their present celebration honors Christ's birth. They consider their Christmas tree a symbol of Life (Tree of Life/Genesis 2:9).

So who's right? It doesn't matter.  

According to Romans 14 what matters is our motives.

Christmas is one of many areas where genuine believers come to different conclusions. We should ask ourselves: Does my choice make me judgmental and proud or more devoted to Christ and more loving toward other Christians? 

In these disputable areas, God will judge our motives/attitudes. So let's be careful not to let our views hinder our fellowship and respect for fellow Christians who believe differently.

Artwork: William Hole, Bible Picture Gallery
Want to do some research?
In favor of celebrating Christmas:
Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?
Isn't Christmas a Pagan Holiday?   
Against celebrating Christmas
Christmas' Pagan Origins
I would have represented this side with 2 links, but I had trouble finding sites against Christmas that weren't associated with legalistic observance of Old Testament festivals. There's nothing wrong with celebrating Old Testament festivals, but neither is celebrating them commanded under the New Covenant. The Bible is clear about this: See Galatians 4:9-12 and the link to Romans 14 above.


  1. The history of Christmas is indeed pagan. I don't know anything about tree worship, but the Baal worshippers hung balls on trees to worship Baal, the sun god. So somehow I cannot justify my own actions, if I were to hang balls on trees, no material how pretty.
    But, you are so right on something, many people who avoid Christmas like the plague also keep the old testament ordinances. Also wrong.
    If we as Christians could respect each other's veiws (aside from them being completely wrong and in danger of eternal judgment) perhaps the world would actually be able to see Christ instead of continual bickering.
    enjoyed your post as always :)

    1. Hi, Kendra.
      I appreciate hearing your views.

      If you'd like to read some info about the origin of the Christmas tree you may not have heard before, I recommend you read the first link I gave above (Should Christians Celebrate Christmas).

      While I celebrate Christmas and put up a tree, I don't think my way is the only right way to approach Christmas. The important thing is that whatever we do, we do it out of love for Christ.

      And even though I don't know you except through the blogosphere, I know that your motivation is love for Christ, Kendra.

      Thanks again for sharing your views.

  2. I so needed to read this! It matches what me heart has been pondering. Thankyou Gail!


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