5 Ideas for More Effective Prayer

Effective prayer ideas, 5 Ideas to improve your prayer life
Ever feel like your prayer life is hard to “manage”? 

Do you have trouble focusing and remembering prayer requests? 

Are you overwhelmed by the volume of things to pray for?

I’m always trying to discover new ways to be more effective in prayer and here's five things that can help: 

♥ Keep a prayer file: Keep a recipe file of 3x5 cards with daily, weekly, and monthly prayer needs so you can cover more ground.

♥ Collect prayer photos: when we travel, I carry a small photo book with pictures of my friends and family. These are a nice reminder to pray for my loved ones back home. (See Photos & Prayers)

♥ Keep a journal list: writing down requests helps me focus and remember. (See Journal is a Verb)

♥ Pray Scripture: some prayers in Scripture are perfect prayers for people on our list. For example: Philippians 1:9-11; Ephesians 1:17-19, Colossians 1:9-14. (See Passages and Prayers)

♥ Write prayers on sticky notes: Then put these sticky notes on your TV remote, dashboard, bathroom mirror, or kitchen window.

Any ideas you’d like to add?
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  1. I was just thinking last night about how I'd gotten away from my prayer journal recently and how much I had missed it. Thanks for the nudge, Gail!

  2. I love my prayer journal, because as I pray for the current requests in my family, friends', church's lives I can look back at all the highlighted requests from the past that signify answered prayers. It gives me faith for the future based on what God's done in the past. Thanks for some practical thoughts, as always, dear friend :)

  3. Great post and great reminders and suggestions I am trying to be organized so I can remember prayer needs. Thanks for sharing these great tips.
    May your day be filled with smiles,

  4. I like the idea of the prayer photos and the prayer file.

  5. Prayer calendars from inspired toaction.com work well!

  6. Good tips. I like the daily/weekly/monthly idea. And the sticky notes.

  7. Love the prayer photos idea. What a keeper. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I really need to do one of these... I am so forgetful. Thanks for sharing this with the Thrive @ Home link-up!

  9. Love your tips on prayer. Have a hard time with talking to God yet. Need to pray more during the day instead of before going to bed tired. Have learned so much in these last few months. I'm lIke a baby in diapers learning to walk. Need to get to the next step. After reading The Lord's Prayer by W Phillip Keller and how he explains the Lords Prayer makes it seem like I'm Praying and not just saying the prayer. It means more to me now.


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