Livin in Disneyland

Americans live easy lives compared to the rest of the world, Americans all live in Disneyland, Matthew 25:40
Good Morning America featured a story about Princess Kate because she wears outfits more than once!

Royals, like other rich and famous people, don’t live like the rest of us. They have clothes closets as big as our houses and can spend our annual income on a single party.

But we're also "filthy rich" when compared to much of our world's population: American "necessities" like clean water, heating, and electricity are rare luxuries in some countries.

It's like we're living in "Disney Land," and we can spend our lives complaining when the gift shop is out of our favorite toy, or we can enjoy being a different kind of "royal."

You see, we have a Father King who cares deeply about those in need.

"The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'” Matthew 25:40, NIV

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  1. Great point. We lose perspective so quickly don't we?

  2. We are rich in more ways than just that we are Americans. We are rich in God's mercy and grace because He cared enough for us to die on the cross for us.

    I think my three children will come back home from South Africa with a completely different perspective on life. They have all been to the Ukraine, but Africa has wealth unparalleled, yet the poor like they have not ever seen before.

    Gail, you have a wonderful day. You greet me every morning with a cheery Bible Love Note...thanks for the note this morning :-)

  3. So wise Gail!! We are so rich, so blessed, and as I've noticed in myself, so ungrateful :( Yesterday I went to order a milkshake for my husband and myself, and one of them was filled far below the rim. Instead of thinking, "Thank you Lord for the money to buy this treat, the car to get me here, a husband who will drink this with me..." I was snooty and ungrateful to be "robbed" of a few extra gulps of milkshake. UGH!

    I'm called to remember God's heart for those in true need-physcially and spiritually. And I"m obviously in desperate heart-need too and have so much to learn from those who are content with little.

  4. Hi Gail - yes and amen!!! It is often nec to remind myself how blessed I actually am. Great post
    God bless


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