5 Ways to "Hide" God's Word in Our Hearts - Psalm 119:11

Haralan Popov, Psalm 119:11, hiding God's Word
Imprisoned for his faith, Haralan Popov went 5 years without a Bible. When he found one, he knew it would soon be confiscated by the guards, so he memorized large portions, “hiding it in his heart” (Psalm 119:11). 

We can and should hide God’s Word in our hearts too.

Here are some ways to do that: 

1. Meditate on Scripture passages by looking at each word and phrase separately, asking God to give you insight and application for your life. 

2. Write the passage and read it each day for a week or a month. This is especially good when going through a trial or overcoming temptation.

3. Draw a picture of the passage with symbols representing key elements of the verse. 

4. Write the passage in your own words (being careful to stay true to the meaning). 

5. Like Popov, memorize the passage. 

Leave a comment and tell me ways that you hide God’s Word in your heart. 

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  1. Gail - your poem has brought tears to my eyes. It's really beautiful. You have so much to share.

    I hope you don't mind but please may I print it off and pop it in my Bible?

    I had a Christian friend (she has since gone to be with the Lord) but her Bible was falling apart from usage. The minister used her Bible at her funeral to highlight her love of the Lord and His Word.

  2. Bless you, Wendy, for such an encouraging comment. Of course you can print this for your Bible Study. Thanks for asking. My mother's Bible is a good example of this poem...she went to be with the Lord 20 years ago, but I still enjoy the "treasures" written in the margins of her Bible.

  3. thank you for this challenge, Gail. I regret not memorizing scripture more when I was younger. Now it seems much harder, but I love your suggestions on how to make it easier.

  4. Very good advice. The older I get, the more challenging it becomes to memorize anything.

  5. Dear Gail, I love your love notes, this one is an example to all of us. I have bad memory, but I am going to use this to guide me, so I can help others even when I don't have my Bible handy.

  6. Love this post, Gail--truth so beautifully expressed, and with practical, meaningful and powerful application! Thank you!

  7. Thank you Gail. Appreciated.

  8. ��For me, songs is the best way to remember Bible verses. There are tons of "children's" songs to help them learn scripture. I have so many of them rolling around up there from singing them with my children. Everytime I begin to hear or read one of those verses, the song comes up and I can't help but to sing it.
    I have also tried putting my very own tune to a verse that I wanted to remember. Music is a very effective tool. ��

  9. Love this poem. And the purpose.


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