Cleaning Bathrooms

Brother Lawrence, cleaning bathrooms, Colossians 3:23-24
Cleaning bathrooms is my least-favorite chore. It’s thankless and meaningless. Or is it? 

Seventeenth Century monk Brother Lawrence worked in a kitchen all his life, yet he knew Christ more deeply than most people ever know Him. Lawrence saw value in the motive of each task, not the task itself. And he felt nothing was too insignificant to do for the Lord and with the Lord.

Lawrence and Jesus cooked, washed dishes, and did mundane errands together. 

Although Brother Lawrence died in obscurity, his humble life continues to touch hearts 400 years later.

His life challenges me to do every task, especially those on my least-favorite list, with all my heart, “as working for the Lord” (Colossians 3:23,24).

Let’s ask God to give us a keen awareness of His presence and purpose in everything we do today.

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Cleaning a rusty squatty-potty on a mission trip 15 years ago,
preparing for a Christian conference in a former Communist
youth camp.


  1. Gail I recognize the "squaty potty"!!! Those things can definitely be a beast to clean. Wherever I'm serving or working in my life I want it to be for eternity and to point to God. What a challenge to get my focus off of how "glorifying" the task is to me.

  2. I clean houses for a living now, and sometimes I just want to get-it-done, but then I remind myself to do every thing as unto the Lord.
    But now when I am grossing out over cleaning a toilet I will just remember the "thing" you are cleaning and that should straighten me up real quick!
    Found you via Teach me Tuesdays and am subscribed to you now :)

  3. Whenever I find myself rolling my eyes over mundane chores, I remember that this is a blessing for someone (usually myself), and everyone needs blessings. Thanks for the post :)


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