No More Lip Service!

honoring parents, quit blaming parents, God tells us to honor parents
For many of my adult years, I took my parents for granted. I loved them, but I didn’t honor them. 

3 Traits of Genuine Honor:
1. Initiative
2. Interest
3. Priority
    Initiative means visits, phone calls, letters and gifts even when inconvenient. If we're never inconvenienced, then we're honoring ourselves, not our parents. Initiative also means listening and working through problems. After all, they persevered through our childhood selfishness, adolescent annoyance, and teenage arrogance.

    Interest in their lives means we quit being children and become adults. They showed interest in every detail of our lives for years (and probably still do)-- we need to cultivate an interest in their lives.

    Priority (among other things) means regular, meaningful communication with them.

    The Pharisees claimed to honor God while ignoring their parents’ needs, and Jesus said, “These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far away.” (Matthew 15:1-9)

    If you're honoring your're honoring God! It's a win-win situation!
    copyright Gail Burton Purath, 2012

    Some additional resources that will give you wisdom in this area:
    Adults and the Fifth Commandment by Gail Purath
    God Didn't Ask the Impossible, only the Incredibly Difficult   an article written from a Jewish perspective with good thoughts for the Christian as well

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    1. This is a beautiful and very mature insight, thank you for posting! I have one daughter who thinks like you and blesses her parents all the time because of it. I have another daughter that I am patiently and unconditionally loving as I wait on the Lord to work in her heart. One thing I am certain of, you are a blessing to your mother and to the Lord.

    2. Good point about us becoming adults in the relationship with our parents. Thanks for that word!

      joy & blessings,

    3. I have so many friends with adult children who suffer from neglect and disrespect, and I know it hurts God's heart to see this. So this is a subject dear to my heart and one I'll probably write about more in the future. Thanks for your thoughtful and encouraging comments, Rebecca and Alida.

    4. This is interesting Gail. My relationship with my parents is very strained at times, for different reasons. This helps give me a heart and reality check though. Despite our differences and issues, I still need to be respecting and loving of them. I am quick to acknowledge how wonderful they are and how they have sacrificed for me, but I don't think I always show it too.

      1. I pray that God will bless you with wisdom in developing your relationship with your parents so that the strain and tensions are resolved. God wants to bless you through this relationship, Nicole! I'm excited because I think God is going to bless some of your efforts.


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