The Persecution, Purposes, Purity, Passion, and Perspective of "Dead People"

This series talks about the very real aspect of our Christian faith - the fact that we are walking dead men. This series explains various aspects of that truth. 


What Kind of Dead Man are You?
We were "dead men walking" - condemned, lost, dying in our sins. Them we became "dead men living." This 1-minute devotion explains.


"Dead" People Expect Persecution

 This 1-minute devotion explains one aspect of dying to ourselves and carrying our cross: Persecution. 


"Dead" People Have New Purposes

One aspect of dying to ourselves is the idea of our selfish life purposes. This 1-minute devotion explores what this means by unpacking 3 wonderful promises.



"Dead" People Love Purity 

Christ commands us to die to ourselves and this 1-minute devotion addresses one aspect of dying to self: Purity. 


"Dead" People Have Passion

We are called to "die to self and live for Christ. "Dead people" have these 4 passions and a wonderful "Mission Statement" found in Scripture.


"Dead" People Have a Different Perspective

When we die to self, we gain an entirely new perspective about life and about death. This 1-minute devotion explains.

This collection of 6 1-minute devotions talks about the fact that we are dead to ourselves and alive in Christ.

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