Why Modesty Is Getting a Bad Rap

This 1-minute devotion talks about the spirit behind negative attitudes toward modesty.

Just as Satan told Eve that God had no right to tell her not to eat the forbidden fruit, Satan is telling modern women that God has no right to tell them to dress modestly. 

On the BLN Facebook page, I posted a devotion from my archive 
called "How the Yoga Pants Debate Revealed Problems in Our Christianity." It encourages us to be kind and gracious when we discuss differing views about modesty.

Sadly, the comment stream included a good number of comments claiming that modesty was a sexist concept meant to blame women for male lust, rape, and sexual abuse.

It was clear that most of those leaving these comments hadn't actually read the devotion (Proverbs 18:13). But it also revealed a growing trend in our culture to misrepresent modesty as making women responsible for male lust.

Not true.

When we tell our daughter to look both ways before crossing the street, we aren't trying to blame her for drunk drivers. We're seeking to protect her.

When we refuse to put a glass of wine in front of our alcoholic friend, we aren't taking responsibility for his alcoholism. We're refusing to tempt him (Luke 17:1-3).

We are sexual beings, designed by God, and our designer knows what's best for us. Modesty protects us, prevents us from tempting others, and also helps us accurately represent our faith.

If you think modesty is sexist, please renew your mind in God's Word and refuse cultural conformity (Romans 12:2). 

I strongly encourage you to do a Bite Size Bible study on modesty: What Is Biblical Modesty? Even if you understand that modesty is a wise, biblical concept, it will equip you to respond to others who don't.
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This 1-minute devotion talks about the spirit behind negative attitudes toward modesty.

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