Keep Your Tourist Visa

Hebrews 11:131-6, John 16:33, Matthew 6:19-20, Christians are not citizens here on earth
When we did Christian work in Hungary, we had to get residency permits so we could live there full-time.

Living in a country gives you a different perspective than vacationing. You become a part of the culture.

But when it comes to spiritual things, we Christians must never give up our "tourist visas" or seek to "fit in" with the world. Our real citizenship is in heaven  (Hebrews 11:13-16). 

Our troubles in this world are temporary (John 16:33).  Our earthly treasures are temporary (Matthew 6:19-20). When we remember this, our perspective changes (Colossians 3:2).

That's why it's important that we occasionally ask ourselves:
If a stranger looked at my lifestyle would he think I was a citizen or foreigner in this world?

Let's not give up eternal rewards for temporary pleasures.

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