The Heart of the Matter

The difference between relationship and religion, Cain, Pharisees, religion, insincere religion
Cain was the first religious person. His outward actions didn't flow from a love for God. He wanted to "look good," not be good. 

And in the New Testament, the religious Pharisees meticulously dishonored God with empty words and showy rituals (Matthew 5:21-30 ;Matthew 15:7-9).

We evangelicals call our faith a relationship with Jesus, not a religion. 

But we can sometimes be "religious" too: 
  • Talking about the importance of prayer and Bible study but rarely doing either.
  • Listening more carefully to popular opinion than to God's Word.
  • Excusing or justifying our sins.
  • Picking which of God's commands to follow.
Let's do more than talk about our love for Christ, let's allow it to change us from the inside out. 


  1. Ouch! You are so right.
    I need a relationship with Jesus and not a religion.


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