The Evolution of Patience

Technology and the Evolution of Patience

Primate studies show that patience is not determined by history, social behavior or brain size, but by how food is acquired. Species that wait for seasonal plants are more patient that those who feed on insects.(source

The plant-eating primates are forced to "practice" patience.

Practicing patience is good for humans too. Unfortunately, high speed technology teaches us to practice impatience.

Recent studies showed that 25% of users will switch off a site if they have to wait 5 seconds for a video to download. By 10 seconds half are gone. 
Technology and the Evolution of Patience
And this demand for instant results is affecting all areas of our lives.

We read less, we save less money, and one researcher "worries someday people will be too impatient to conduct studies on patience." (source)

Patience is a fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23), and the only way to develop it is through situations that make us wait and exercise self-control.

So next time you start to get impatient, take a breath, say a prayer and "practice" patience.

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  1. This is so true! I can't even focus to read a book anymore! I lose interest after about five minutes!

    1. I'm finding this in myself, and it's disturbing, isn't it?
      I'm gong to be praying about my lack of patience : )

  2. It is so easy to feel rushed but looking back ten or twenty years the overall pace of life was much slower. I appreciate this devotional today. I like reading one or two every day or so.


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