Calvin & Hobbes Christians

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One of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes cartoon strips starts with Calvin's mom telling him to get in the bathtub. 

In the next frame, we see Calvin sitting in the tub, fully clothed. The bubble above his head says, "I obey the letter of the law, if not the spirit." 

Unfortunately, there are many Calvin and Hobbes Christians. They sit in the bathtub fully clothed justifying non-biblical views.

One important example: the Greek word translated fornication is a general term for sexual immorality. Since it doesn't specifically state each example, some people contend that premarital sex is not forbidden by God. 

But this belief misses an important fact: the Bible is not a collection of random words; it contains clear messages.  

And the message of the Bible warns against premarital sex even if the Greek word doesn't specifically mention it. 

We can be like Calvin obeying the letter while ignoring the message, or we can turn on the Living, God-breathed Water and wash away excuses with its message of truth. 

If you would like to study the passages that teach premarital sex is not approved by God, I encourage you to check out Bite Size Bible Study HERE.

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