Characteristics of Being the Salt of the Earth - Matthew 5:13

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Christians should be representatives of Christ...

I believe in humane treatment of animals, but I'm baffled and saddened when someone supports animal rights but also supports inhumane methods of human abortion.*

Making us blind to contradictions is a common method of Satan.

And some of these contradictions have crept into Christian thinking. 

For example:
  • We sometimes esteem ourselves and question God's motives instead of questioning our motives and esteeming God (Proverbs 3:5-6).
We're called to be the "salt of the earth," and only by knowing and living God's Word can we rid ourselves of these harmful contradictions (Romans 12:2Matthew 5:13). Let's restore and maintain our saltiness by being in God's Word daily.

* I oppose abortion for many Biblical reasons (see those Biblical reasons HERE), but I am especially baffled when someone is concerned with the pain of an animal but is unconcerned with the methods of abortion that have no regard for the pain of the unborn child.
If you have had an abortion, I encourage you to read No Laughing Matter. It provides some helpful resources for you at the bottom.


  1. Bless you, bless you bless you!
    You inspire me with God's truth, his words and knowledge.

    1. Thanks for your blessing, Christine : )
      I appreciate it.
      Gail : )


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