3 Ways to Avoid "Friendly Fire" in the Church

friendly fire in the church, 3 steps for obeying God
Don't let anyone talk you out of God's plans and purposes for your life...

Perhaps the saddest fatalities in any war are those caused by friendly fire. 

And perhaps the saddest hindrance to Christian growth is also "friendly fire."

There was a time when that friendly fire came in the form of rigid, self-righteous, hypocritical judgment, but that's rare today. 

I think the most common friendly fire in the Church today comes in the form of downplaying Kingdom work or holiness. 

In war, friendly fire comes from the gun of a frightened, confused, or uninformed soldier. The dead soldier never sees it coming because he trusts his comrade. 

When Christian friends talk us out of something God is guiding us to do, they are also frightened, confused or uniformed about godly priorities and sacrifices. 

That's why we must be careful to: 

1. Test our thoughts/ideas/plans against the truths of Scripture (2 Tim. 3:16-17). 

2. Ask for prayer from those who are more dedicated than we are (Eph. 6:18). 

3. And then, just do it! (James 1:22)


  1. That is so powerful. Thank you for never being afraid to tackle tough topics, Gail.

  2. Very powerful post. "The dead soldier never sees it coming because he trusts his comrade." May we be wise in who we trust & whose counsel we seek. Tough thought but much needed. I visited from A Little R & R.
    Have a blessed Wed.!


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