Read the Label

Bible,read the label, Guard your heart, Prov. 4:23
I read labels. 

Once I read a label for guacamole dip and found it contained no avocado. And then there’s the artificial whipped cream that substitutes dairy cream with “plastic” oils. 

It’s scary how many chemicals and artificial ingredients some foods contain. They might look and taste delicious but have terrible effects on our health.

It’s good to read food labels, and it’s a principle that also applies to our spiritual life.

Some things that look, taste, and feel good are actually quite harmful to our spirits. That’s why we should “read the label” before watching a movie, reading a book, listening to a CD, or getting involved in an activity.

Are the ingredients artificial forms of happiness that will leave us with a bad aftertaste? Will they give us a “sugary high” but lead to depression later? Will they alter our taste buds, so we lose our taste for what is good and build an appetite for what is evil?

Let's make it a rule to always "read the labels" and guard our hearts (Proverbs 4:23).


  1. How do you even make guacamole without avocado? Great post though. I love how you correlate everyday events with the Bible.

    1. I think they had artificial flavors and chunks of potato to give the texture! I didn't buy it, of course. : )

  2. Oh what a great reminder!! And haha that's funny but also scary that it didn't contain any avocado! eeew!


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