Tacos and Christian Conversations

We sometimes use God's name for insignificant things but miss opportunities for important things. This 1-minute devotion explains. #BibleLoveNotes #Bible

“Thank You, Lord, for creating the taco.” 
~ sign on a restaurant wall

When I read this sign, I thought how easily we mention God’s name for things that don’t matter. (Please don’t get mad at me, taco fans…I love tacos too!)

But what about things that really do matter? 

Have you ever told a non-believer that you “thought” about something when you’d actually prayed about it? 

Have you ever shared a story but left out the parts where God convicted you of sin or spoke to you through His Word?

I'm sorry to say that I've done these things at times.

Ironically, when we're honest and use God’s name naturally with unsaved friends, it often leads to discussions about spiritual things.

Evangelism is often a gradual process, and that's why it's important to talk about God whenever it feels natural and fitting.

Just like tacos, our conversation should be well-seasoned.

"Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone." Colossians 4:6

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We sometimes use God's name for insignificant things but miss opportunities for important things. This 1-minute devotion explains. #BibleLoveNotes #Bible


  1. Hi Gail - such great thoughts here. It should come more naturally to us (my hubby and I) to give God the glory in all things, with wisdom and grace.
    God bless

  2. I am with you, Gail. I think we need to use God-language everywhere and not "edit" our speech for non-believers. We need to be true to what is true to us. And those little faith-things really serve as invitations to dig deeper if someone wants to do so. But, of course, love speaks volumes even without words. Blessings to you and yours!

  3. Great wisdom Gail. I have been guilty of this to often I'm afraid. But the Lord works through diffent mediums and today He chose to work through you. Thank you friend.

  4. This is so beautifully stated. I agree, being a natural witness and not trying to force anything, but just being authentic and true in everything we do, allowing the love and grace of God to just permeate our lives, can truly bring the unbelievers heart to the cross.

    Thank you for sharing...

  5. That's such a great point, Gail. Love that I found this through Ann Voskamp's linkup. You had me at tacos, as a Southern California girl :). Let's live thankfully and out loud that way... so we can share a little more of Jesus with people we love.

  6. Quote: "Evangelism rarely consists of sharing the whole Gospel at once--something most of us fear because it's usually unnatural. The most effective and most natural way we witness is by talking about God in our everyday conversations."

    I agree. I talk about God to non Christian friends/colleagues and it very often leads to a deeper conversations re: the Lord.

  7. "Have you ever (like me) told a non-believer that you “thought” about something when you’d actually thought and prayed? Have you ever said you “decided” to do something when actually you’d felt God leading you to do it?"

    I literally said: Wow outloud. This is profound. And the whole post is profound. (of course - the title totally hooked me because we are major taco lovers in this house. I hooked Z after we got married! haha!) Great post!

  8. What an excellent reminder. I have been praying for more opportunities to share JESUS with others. How simple yet powerful.! Thank you!

  9. Agree with you ! Sometimes we just have to remember that condition we were in before we had our encounter with God. Once I remember that and the transformation He has done in me, I feel grateful and that leads a grateful heart speak about God's grace in a natural way.