Walk Away!

Psalm 1:1, Walk Away from sin and wickedness
Recently I was discouraged. 

I pondered all the worst case scenarios in my circumstances and became hopeless. 

Psalm 1:1 says: Blessed is the [woman] who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers.

I'd done all three: 
  • Concentrated on the negatives (walked in wicked 'counsel')
  • Ignored the truth of God's love (stood with sinners)
  • Refused God's comfort (sat in a mocker's seat).
I needed to get up and walk away from self-pity and hopelessness so I turned to God's love notes (the Bible) and "re-informed my mind."

In her book Telling Yourself the Truth, Marie Chapian says the cause of depression, distress, and discouragement is the lies we tell ourselves. Reading and reciting Scripture doesn't change our circumstances, but it changes our hearts and gives us truth and peace in the midst of difficulty.
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  1. How marvelous to receive my love note this morning! Thank you, Gail, for being God's scribe :)

  2. WOW.. this is good!! So many times we allow satan to use others to distract and discourage us. Its time we fight against his lies and dig into God's truth!!! We are overcomers!

  3. It is good to focus on the wonderful things of God...we are encouraged when we do!

  4. Gail...how right you are! When we focus on the strength of God's Word, how better we are for it...especially in difficult times. Thank you for the sweet reminder and for sharing at WJIM.

  5. Nice post.

    Thanks for linking up with Mom's Monday Mingle!

    Jessica @ At Home Take 2

  6. I have listed your posting as one of my featured links for this week on my Friday Favorite Blog Links


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    Debi Bolocofsky

  7. Just got back from walking my dog and pondering your post today. Just what I needed for today's events. Thanks.

  8. Amen! Yes, putting God's Word into our heart will transform us. Our circumstances may not change but our attitude will change as we will have His peace and grace!

    Thanks so much for linking up to the "Making Your Home Sing Monday" linky party!

  9. Thanks for this wonderful love note!

  10. I truly agree with Marie! If depression is not from a physical cause, it cannot be anything else but lies that we believe and those lies that have accumulated through the years. It would do us well to get to the root of our own depression.
    Much love.

  11. Thank you for posting! Great encouragement! Just what a needed! Stopping by from Thoughtful Thursday! Blessings!

  12. Thanks for the encouragement and direct. ;o)

  13. Great encouragement. I've found a really good app to help with daily Bible memorization and speaking His words. It's called ScriptureTyper on the App Store

  14. Yes indeed. I enjoyed the love note this morning. It's message was right on time!


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