If you like Bible Love Notes, You'll Love the Devotional Book Wisdom for Life!

Readers of Bible Love Notes explain why you will enjoy the 1-min. devotions, and Gail explains her new book.
 “Bible Love Notes has been an inspiration and learning tool.  Kathy Jonte-Saiz, California 

“I so look forward to reading Bible Love Notes every morning, many times the topic speaks directly to situations in my life. Often I forward them to others that are dealing with issues of the topic. ~ Donna Arntson, Minnesota

“In a world of wishy washy ‘truth’ – sadly, even within the Church – Bible Love Notes sounds as a shofar or a roar of Aslan to rally believers and point them again to the only truth – God’s Word!” 
 ~ Joy Bowman, Northampton, United Kingdom.

You can find out about a free Subscription to Bible Love Notes: Here

And I'd also love to tell you about the Wisdom for Life Devotional:

I have written 1-minute devotions on Bible Love Notes for 11 years and the subscriber base has grown to more than 20,000. In addition, Bible Love Notes has hundreds of thousands of readers each month who access the devotions on social media. I feel like God has called me to this ministry, and I'm so excited to be able to offer my first book!

If you like reading the 1-minute devotions on Bible Love Notes, I know you'll enjoy my devotional book, Wisdom for Life!

You can actually read the first four devotions in Wisdom for Life on Lifeway or Amazon by clicking "look inside" or "read sample." 

For additional insights about Wisdom for Life, check out The Wisdom for Life Devotional Site. It will tell you how you can download 2 free Bible studies if you purchase the book.

Wisdom for Life is designed to give you a deeper appreciation for the books of Psalms and Proverbs. These Old Testament wisdom books bring us peace, give us comfort, guide our decisions, correct our misunderstandings, and teach us truths that help us mature in our faith. 

Whether you’re a new student of the Bible or a mature believer, Wisdom for Life offers relevant insights for your daily life. 
The devotions only take one minute to read, making them easy to fit into a busy schedule. But they offer multiple Scripture references, and a “For further thought” section so you can dig deeper when you have the time. 
Although Wisdom for Life is designed for individual devotional use, it easily lends itself to family devotions or small group study. And those who purchase the book can download two free Bible studies that are based on the devotions in the book.
My prayer is that each devotion will draw readers closer to the Lord.    

~ Gail

P.S. I also encourage you to read 10 Reasons You'll Love Wisdom for Life.

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