Every Christian's To Do List

A great "To-Do List" for all of us: 10 essentials in our walk with the Lord and Scriptures to confirm each. #BibleLoveNotes #Bible

1. Spend time with Jesus - Psalm 27:8.
Prayer nourishes my soul and guides my life.
See Is Your Heart Christ's Home?

2. Let Jesus prioritize my day - Matthew 6:33.
Make Him part of everything.
See Teach Us to Number Our Days.

3. Pray instead of worrying - Philippians 4:6.
Worry is a lack of trust in God.
See Scriptures for Overcoming Fear and Worry.

4. Be honest about my sins - James 4:10.
Realize that excusing sin hurts me more than anyone else.
See 6 Characteristics of Sincere Repentance.

5. Think of others - Philippians 2:3-4.
Discouragement is often the result of being self-focused.
See God-esteem and Other-focus.

6. Wait patiently for God to act - Psalm 27:14.
He knows the best time for all things.
See Sometimes God Plans Detours and Delays.

7. Be willing to do the hard stuff - Matthew 16:24.
Everything worthwhile requires hard work.
See Living for Christ is Wonderful, but It's Not Easy.

8. Read God's Word - Psalm 119:9-16.
It's my life line.
See The Bible Always Proves Accurate.

9. Do what it says - James 1:22
Love for Christ = obedience.
See Friends Obey Him.

10. Let Christ lead me - Matthew 11:29.
Remember I'm His FOLLOWER.
See Three Warnings.

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A great "To-Do List" for all of us: 10 essentials in our walk with the Lord and Scriptures to confirm each.

A great "To-Do List" for all of us: 10 essentials in our walk with the Lord and Scriptures to confirm each. #BibleLoveNotes #Bible


  1. This is the best To Do List I have ever seen. I will be adding this to my planner.
    Thank you so very much for sharing this.
    God Bless,

  2. I am a complete lover of lists... so this title grabbed my attention! I need to work on everything on this list. Thank you for sharing!
    Rebekah Joy

  3. Love lists, love yours. It's pretty and perfect.

  4. I was hesitant at first of another to-do list, but I love this one! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thank you for this great list!

  6. Am very grateful for this list on spiritual matters,it helps my daily life in my uplifting my spiritual life.

  7. Thank you for sharing. Just what we need .🙌

  8. Very useful for me... thanks for sharing

  9. Thank you so much,the list is so useful

  10. Hi, I appreciate this writeup,can I share it to be used as a Sunday school tool?

    1. Sure, Laura. As long as it is used as a hand-out and not published in a book, you have my permission to use it. All I ask is that you add "Used with permission, copyright Gail Burton Purath," on any handouts and link it to the devotion if you share it in an email.

      God bless you! May God use it for His glory.

  11. Love this list, read it every morning to remind me, refer to it often throughout the day. Have shared with everyone I know. Thank you for it, your daily quotes, and bible studies, anything that turns my eyes, heart, and mind towards my Loving Heavenly Father, my Savior Jesus Christ, and the Spirit that quides my steps, is always a welcome light in an ever darkening world!