Good Friday and Black Friday - A Comparison Worth Pondering

paying too much, Good Friday, Black Friday, Christ paied what we couldn't
The origin of the term "Black Friday and thoughts on Good Friday...

Things are not always what they seem.

In 1864, newspapers coined the name Black Friday for a stock market crash. Now the term is used for the biggest shopping day of the year when retailers turn a profit—or go “in the black.”

Black Friday is good for retailers, but not so good for those consumers who overspend due to the false sense of urgency merchants create. 

I cannot help but compare Black Friday to Good Friday. It also has a good and bad side.

Good Friday was bad for Christ who suffered excruciating physical and spiritual pain on a bloody cross. But it was good for all of us for whom Christ died. 

That Friday we received treasure far beyond our budget, but we didn’t have to spend a dime…the price was paid for us.

The message of Good Friday should make us thankful throughout the year, even on Black Friday.
copyright, Gail Burton Purath, 2012 

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  1. Wonderful thought, Gail. A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I hope all is well with you. :)


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