Remembering His Sacrifice

Easter, nail
Some things are best forgotten.
Others must be remembered. 

In the Old Testament, God repeatedly told the Israelites to remember they'd been slaves in Egypt before He freed them (Deuteronomy). When they forgot, they turned away from God.

Remembering is important.

Like the Isaelites, we also were sin and death. When Christ died on the Cross, He set us free. Once we believe, remembering keeps us headed in the right direction. 

There are many ways to remember Christ's Love throughout the year, and ways we can highlight His Love during special seasons like Easter.

I often carry a small nail in my pocket on Good Friday as a symbol of Christ's pain and my gain.

How did you remember? Please share your ideas.
copyright 2012, Gail Burton Purath,
re-published from the Bible Love Notes archive

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