What Makes this Man Mock God?

Scripture explains why Some folks "Laugh Out Loud" at God. A 1-minute devotion.

Years ago I wrote a devotion called Things That Make Me Sad: Cain. It was part of a series that highlighted the patient love of God despite mankind's persistent disobedience.  

When I pinned it on Pinterest, one man left this comment: "Laugh out loud...he flooded THE ENTIRE EARTH and killed everyone and everything. That's love and patience?"(1) 

This comment is such a good illustration of mankind's attitude toward God:

1. Most men purposely ignore the facts or make up their minds without getting the facts.

God warned mankind for decades preceding the flood, and He saved everyone who repented.(2) But it got to the point where "everything [men and women] thought or imagined was consistently and totally evil" (Genesis 6). You might say they were all laughing out loud at God.

2. Most men drown, rejecting our Savior (our "Life Saver" in the flood). 

The flood was a foreshadowing of every man's eternal choice. A few, like Noah, will choose to love God. But most people will reject God and ignore His offer of love and salvation (Matthew 7:13-14). 

Scripture says God has made His divine nature evident to all (Romans 1:20). This includes all who perished in the flood, this man who mocked God on Pinterest, and every other person who rejects God's loving and patient offer of salvation

Let's thank God that we're in the ark and pray for those drowning in their mockery.

I encourage you to read Don't Mock God. I wrote it six years ago, but it is far more relevant now that when I wrote it.

💦 Footnotes
(1) Typically, when people discredit God, they don't have their story straight. This man didn't know much at all about the flood, but he felt qualified to form an opinion about God from his limited knowledge. He said God destroyed everything. Not true. God saved Noah's family and "two of all living creatures, male and female, to keep them alive." In addition, God didn't kill wildlife that could survive the flood (e.g. sea life).

(2) Noah's family was the only God-fearing family on earth, and God saved them. 

Scripture explains why Some folks "Laugh Out Loud" at God. A 1-minute devotion.

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  1. It's really sad that you received a comment like that. But, it is an opportunity to pray for him and many others that are lost.