Law Breaker

The man gave the restaurant cashier a $50 bill, quickly pocketed one of the $20 bills she gave him in change, and demanded she’d short-changed him. 

Video cameras proved he was lying, but not until he’d made a  scene. 

The restaurant manager told us this story, and it made me realize how good the world really is. Guys who scam cashiers are still a small minority of the population.

If the world were a product of evolution, our main value would be “let the strongest survive.” We’d have no concern for justice, no concern for the weak, no desire to do good deeds.

The only reason we aren't all bad is because we were created with a basic knowledge of right and wrong. Though we can deny and ignore it, God’s law is written on every heart (Romans 2:12-16). 

Today I'm thanking God that the world is still based on a general knowledge of Him and His goodness!
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