Underground Grace

I think the underground life in Budapest is intriguing. Shops, small pubs, bakeries, and ticket windows line the metro walkways. It’s the underbelly of a city of 2 million—an interesting little piece of culture. 

putting up the leg display
Often when we walk down into the Nyugati Metro Station, we see a Korean pastor singing Gospel songs while his wife accompanies him on an electronic keyboard. Afterward, the homeless line up to receive a free meal while the rest of us pass by on our way to wherever the metro takes us. 

Last week when we entered Nyugati Metro, a group of Harikrishnas were dancing in snake lines chanting the name of their god, smiling and offering CDs for purchase. 

It made me even more grateful for my Korean brother who regularly spends his time singing of God’s love and feeding the poor in the underbelly of Budapest. 

“Where sin increased, grace increased all the more” (Romans 5:20).

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  1. Never been there, but it sounds intriguing. Reminds me of the underground in Kiev, Ukraine.


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