Tram Ride

An evening tram in the city of Zagreb, Croatia
Riding the tram one Friday evening in Budapest,* I thought about “shining.”

At each stop, we picked up people who were asking the meaning of life:
  • One woman boarded the tram wearing next to nothing. Her thickly applied make-up couldn’t disguise how desperately she was looking for love.
  • At another stop, a girl boarded with painful-looking piercings in her face, jet-black dyed hair, and evil emblems on her clothing. She looked defiant, but I think her heart was asking “What is truth?”
  • A group of young people got on next with profanity on their t-shirts and their lips, holding bottles of cheap wine, laughing and flirting. But their laughter couldn’t hide their emptiness.
My natural reaction is to turn away when I see these types of people, but God asks me to let my goodness “shine among them like stars in the sky” (Philippians 2:14-15).

Help us shine, Lord.
*This happened in Budapest, but it could happen anywhere around the world.

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  1. We are so definitely called to love and let God use us to point to Himself. Even in the darkest hardest places. Even the tram sounds like a very hard but necessary place for ministry

  2. Good post. Good reminder. Thanks Gail.

  3. Those were some great observations. Me? I would have been scared to death on that train lol. Thanks for pointing these things out so maybe next time, I won't be scared.

  4. It is so hard not to pass judgment on people when we see them. Thanks for reminding us that even though people are different than we are, they are still God's creation and deserve to be shown his love.

  5. Thanks Gail. I often question HOW to shine in these circumstances... I do know it has to start with a heart free of (mis)judgement and eyes that see beneath the outer layer into the searching heart within. Thanks for the reminder to do this.

  6. I was scrolling through link-up posts on The Better Mom and went...."WAIT! I recognize that picture!!!" Can't tell you how many times I stood in that exact same spot. It was nice seeing a little taste of "home".


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