One-Language Americans

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What do you call someone who speaks three languages?  Trilingual. 
Two languages? Bilingual. 
One language? American.

I’m writing this on a train between Zagreb and Split, Croatia. 

Sharing our compartment is a Croatian man who works as a waiter. He knows German, Croatian, and Russian fluently plus a little English and Hungarian. And he’s typical for this part of the world.

We Americans are the exception; and with English fast becoming the second language of Europe, it’s likely we’ll remain that way.

But I hope we monolingual American Christians will move beyond mono-national interests and get involved with sharing the Gospel in different countries.

It’s not everyone’s responsibility to become a foreign missionary, but it’s everyone’s responsibility to pray that the world will know about Christ’s love. 

"Open your eyes and look at the fields! They are white for harvest." John 4:35
Let's make prayer for the nations our "second language."

Would you take just a moment to pray for the people group highlighted below? If everyone who reads this spends 30 seconds in prayer, it adds up! Thanks, Gail

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  1. Prayer for the nations as our second language -- I love that!

  2. Amen! You are my neighbor at Holy Experience today, and I'm so glad I stopped by (and did as you asked). May God be glorified in the Bhotia, Sherpa people of Nepal. May He overcome all logistical and linguistic barriers to get the good news of Christ to those souls.

  3. Visiting via WLW; when I saw your thumb photo...if that's what it's called...I was startled...looks like me -smile-.
    Last year I traveled in Eastern Europe and tried to speak at least the basics in each language. More often than not, I botched it but people were gracious to me anyway.

  4. Thanks, Gail, for sharing your heart, and reminding us to look beyond ourselves. To cultivate hearts that care for the things that God cares about. Blessings on your travels!

  5. Very good point - we often feel "less than" if we aren't actively involved in ministry. But that prayer language is universal -- thanks!

  6. Quote: "Let's make prayer for the nations our "second language."

    Love what you wrote!

  7. I love your definition of "one language" It made me chuckle! You can learn SO much from adopting a second language. Not only do you gain the benefit of a second language: you get to go back to grammar school and learn the nuts and bolts of your first language as well as the 2nd one - but you also learn the history and culture of the country. As you learn to listen for the nuances of the natural rise-and-fall pattern of the way they speak you learn some of the personality of the people - it is truly fascinating. I would love to learn a 3rd language...maybe when the kids are little older I will learn along with them as they are required to learn 2 foreign languages.


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