Spittin' Image

Spittin image, reflecting God's image, made in God's image
It's not clear where the phrase spitting image originated. It may have started as “splitting image,” a reference to the mirror effect of wood grain when it's split.

But some experts believe "spitting" in the phrase may actually be a corruption of the word "spirit." 

Whatever the origin, this last possibility is a good reminder that mankind is the only part of God’s creation made in His "spirit image."

"So God created mankind in his own image..." Genesis 1:27.

This means we can be:
We can design, build, paint, sculpt
We can plan, reason, think critically
We can speak, write and sing
We can have meaningful relationships with God and others
We are capable of love
    The better we know God, the more we reflect his image. 

    And knowing God’s Word is essential. Don’t miss an opportunity today to read God’s Word, absorb His image and reflect it to others.

    Reference: The Phrase Finder  

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