How Precious to You?

When Books were hand-copied, it could take a scribe several years to complete a single Bible.

In 1440 Gutenberg invented the printing press and it changed the world. Even though each metal letter on the press had to be arranged by hand, hundreds of books could be produced in a single year. 

The first book Gutenberg printed was the Bible, and this began a process that eventually made Bibles affordable for everyone.

The other day, a friend and I were talking about how we take Bible-reading for granted. Actually, it was worse than that. We were talking about how easy it is to view Bible-reading as a duty instead of a privilege. 

Do you ever feel that way?

If so, be honest with God and ask for open eyes. 

“Open my eyes, so that I may see the wonderful truths in your law.” Psalm 119:18 (GNT)
copyright Gail Burton Purath, 2012
The picture is my copy of a page from the 1455 Gutenberg Bible. When my husband was in the Army, we were stationed in Mainz, Germany where Gutenberg invented his printing press. After they printed the pages, they still hand-embellished them with calligraphy and small pictures.

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  1. Beautiful printed and embellished page -- and precious word of God! Thanks for this treat for the eyes, and heart.

  2. Can you imagine if we lived in a place where it was against the law to own a bible?! Yes we do take the bible forgranted! Patsy from


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