Comfort Produces Comfort

God's Comfort, Comforting others
After 7 months of perfect service, my blog's subscription service went haywire last month. 

I spent 5 days googling for answers, trying to contact feedburner, calling friends, analyzing how I might have caused the problem, and manually sending devotions to my subscribers. 

But even more important, I prayed and so did others. 

Finally, on day 5, my google search led to a detailed solution from a blogger who’d had the exact problem. When her solution worked:
  • I emailed her telling her I was a Christian and she was an answer to my prayers. I hope that encouraged her. 
  • I posted the solution on Blogger Help (so others could benefit).
  • I gained knowledge to help my blogger friends who might experience the same problem.
Although mine wasn’t a physical or relationship problem, it was an illustration of the way God helps and comforts us so we can help and comfort others (2 Corinthians 1:3-4No problem is wasted in God’s economy!
copyright Gail Burton Purath, 2012 

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  1. Thanks for pressing through that challenge and then passing your insights and knowledge along. I am one who benefited in both regards. God bless you BIG time, Gail!

  2. Me too, Me too! You leave a wake of blessings behind wherever you go, dear friend, and I am blessed. Thank you for your kind example :)


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