Saved From What?

We need Jesus because of Sin, We are sinners set free, Romans 6:23
Years ago I watched a Walton’s TV show that included a church revival scene. As a woman approached the altar, the pastor asked, "Sister, are you a sinner? Do you want to be saved?”

“I’m not a sinner,” she said, “But I want to be saved.”(1)

Music played as the pastor happily welcomed the new “convert.”

Obviously, the scriptwriter didn’t understand salvation. If we aren't sinners, why would we need to be saved? Why would Christ die a brutal death?

Sin isn’t an optional element of salvation—it's the main element (Romans 3:23). We've been tried and convicted by a perfect Judge, and DNA evidence proves our guilt.(2) We are doomed unless someone pays a debt we cannot pay ourselves. 

Praise God! Christ has paid that debt for any who acknowledge they are sinners who need a Savior.

If you’re one of those sinners, join me today in rejoicing in our Savior. (Romans 6:23). 

(1) These are approximations of what I remember from this show, not actual quotes. (2) God is the eyewitness who sees all that we do and even knows our sinful thoughts (Hebrews 4:12,13); And our DNA proves we are sons and daughters of our sinful father Adam (Genesis 5:1-3—like Seth we are born in Adam’s image)

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  1. I surely missed that scene in the TV show. I suppose the woman thought she was not wicked so not a sinner. Many believe that if they are a good person and attend church, that they are already saved. Joining the church does not save a person. Only one way and that is to accept Jesus.

  2. I remember that episode! Clearly, they did not understand. Equally confusion was in John Walton's spirituality with nature, his "church".

  3. So true...if we are not lost (sinners) then we have no reason to be found (saved). This is why I really like Ray Comfort and The Way of the Master ministry...they emphasize a need for saving and the fact that our sin keeps us distanced from God.

    Blessings from Zagreb!

  4. I've taught Sunday School for years and sometimes ask the kids "do you think I'm a sinner", Yes, they responded, "do you think Pastor Bill is a sinner?" Yes, they responded. Trying to make the point that all of us were sinners. One Sunday a teenage girl was visiting and I was giving the Salvation message. When I told her we were all sinners, she looked stunned, and said "even Mother Theresa?" Yes, indeed, even Mother Theresa.

    1. Great illustration of this truth. Sometimes I hear the Gospel presented by Christians without the mention of sin....and it just isn't the Gospel without it.
      Thanks for your insights, Abby.


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