Escape From Entebbe

God our refuge, Psalms, Refuge, Raid on Entebbe
They flew low to avoid radar, landed at Entebbe Airport in the dark, and carried out one of the most daring rescue missions in modern history. It was 1976 and Israeli commandos freed one hundred hostages hours before their captors planned to kill them.

When the hostages climbed aboard the Israeli planes, they understood the meaning of refuge, something Christians also understand!

Christ, our Refuge, rescued us from the death penalty of sin, and gives us shelter, love and help if we take it.

“Blessed are all who take refuge in him.” (Psalm 2:12)

Why not read through Psalms this month and thank God whenever you see the word refuge? It occurs over forty times!

To read Psalms in one month:
Start with the date and keep adding 30. On the 1st of the month, read Psalm 1, 31, 61, 91, 121. Save Psalm 119 (the longest chapter in the Bible) for the 31st
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  1. Hu Gail
    I recall this rescue mission! Yes, our Lord also came to rescue us from this dark world. His rescue vehicle was none other that His life!
    Blessings XX

  2. Gail, I spent time with the Do Not Depart gals memorizing Psalm 71 earlier this year and I remember how many times the word 'refuge' was in it. My, how our Lord knows we need a place to run!
    Thanks for your short and sweet notes.

  3. A guest pastor just spoke on "refuge" yesterday at church. So glad we can run to, hide, rest...find refuge in our Lord!

  4. He is a refuge and strength.


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