She Had a Past & a Future

Rahab, former prostitute, God saved Rahab, Give up your past for a future with God
When two strangers knocked on Rahab’s door seeking sanctuary, did she sense that her life was about to change? 

We don’t know all the details, but we know that by the time Rahab hid the spies, she’d become a believer. Her words in Joshua 2:10,11 leave no doubt.

This prostitute raised in the evil city of Jericho wasn’t even born when the Red Sea event occurred; but she believed the story when she heard it! And she gave up her lifestyle and her country to follow God. 

God isn't looking for people with a perfect past—He’s looking for people who believe in Him and are willing to follow.

I've made the decision to follow Jesus, but sometimes I let things in the past hold me back. Today I'm praying for "Rahab faith." Will you join me?
© copyright Gail Burton Purath, 2011 
image: Stockvault
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  1. this! Thank you for sharing it at WJIM.

  2. I love this - Thanks for the encouragement and reminder!

  3. The LORD can save and use anybody to share His Word!!!


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