Vintage "Scarving"

I'm so glad we serve a creative God, and I'm thankful for the beauty He created all around us. 

Because we're made in God's image, we also love to create beauty.

I can't start a post on decor without thanking God for the gift of creativity. 

Wouldn't life be boring without it? 

Today, I'd like to share some ways I've decorated with scarves.

I love wearing scarves, but they can perform a double duty by adding texture, color, warmth and a vintage look to decor. 

 This sheer scarf with delicate tassels accents the white in the painting and adds softness and texture.

Another sheer scarf with a pattern adds some texture and warmth 
to this LED lantern on my large picnic basket.

I think this blue scarf with lacy trim on my dresser
gives the feel of the tide coming in on the beach

This plaid scarf loosely laid on my blue buffet adds a casual feel and some needed texture.

I bought this airy pink scarf in Rome, but it was probably made in China. : )
It adds a festive, feminine feel to this oak desk.

As I said at the beginning, I love scarves. Last year we spent 3 months in Budapest doing Christian work, and I used my souvenir money on scarves. I wanted a place to hang them all, and my closet didn't have space.  So I hung them in my bedroom on 2 wrought iron hooks from Hobby Lobby. ($11 each on sale for $5.50 each)

I hung one hook slightly lower than the other above a trunk. I enjoy the look, and it reminds me to pick one out for my outfit every day.
The scarf I placed on the trunk is one of my favorites--
I love gray and pink and this pattern looks so vintage and feminine.

I also love using scarves in my old luggage. 
It's such an easy way to change colors and textures in a display.

This is a picture I had taken for my 40th anniversary in 2010, and I wrapped my shoulders in one of my favorite vintage look scarves.

Thanks so much for letting me share my scarves and some of the ways they can be used to decorate.

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  1. So many pretty scarves and so many creative displays! Love it. My favorite scarf is the pink and gray one with pom pom fringe, and my favorite display is in the old trunk. So sweet.

    Most importantly, though, I REALLY appreciate what you said about serving a creative God. Exactly. He *invented* beauty and creativity, He wants us to enjoy the feasts of the senses, He is the source of the best stuff. Thank you for sharing!!

    Found you through the Titus 2 link up. : ) ~Marie at the Lazy W

    1. Thanks for your kind comments. You are so right...God is the source of the best stuff! Gail

  2. So glad I stumbled on this site! I love scarves. I wear scarves which are kind of my signature accessory. I find scarves at second-hand stores and on sales in stores. And I am always looking for other uses for them. What lovely ideas I found here!
    Thank you!
    Kathi from a soon-to-be launched blog site~

    1. So nice to hear you share my love for scarves! You are clever to get them at second hand shops. In Hungary, they are quite the rage and they wear them even in the warmer months. Most of mine were much less expensive than they would be here--from $2-$12. That's one reason I got so many! But I've always enjoyed scarves, so some of these on my racks are ones I owned previously. But I actually have a few more outerwear scarves (ones I wear over my coats) on a different rack! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. Gail

  3. You have so many beautiful scarves! You have convinced me that I need to get one of my own. Can you believe I don't have a one?! Thank you for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  4. That a great way to organize scarves - by displaying them on the wall! I do that with all my long necklaces. I love the way you have used scarves to brighten up areas in your house - looks lovely!!

    Thanks for sharing this on the Take it on Tuesday blog hop!!

  5. Stopping by from the Weekend Wrap UP Party!!!

  6. All are beautiful vignettes, and a smart use of your scarves! ! Thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday! I appreciate your participation!

    You have you word verification turned on. Would you please consider turning it off. See my post "Just Say No" and the comments. It will be a benefit to you in getting more comments.

    I will look forward to seeing you again this week!

    1. So grateful for your wisdom in having me turn off my word really does make a difference in comments. Thanks!

  7. Creative and pretty; you have a lovely collection of pretty scarves--what a sweet way to use them!

  8. Great reuses of a common accessory. That's thinking outside the box. ;)

    Thanks for being a part of Time Travel Thursday. I hope you'll join the fun each week.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage


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