Come On In--Vintage Child-Themed Mantle

Come on in to my home...I'm glad you came.
Have you ever wondered why we enjoy decorating our homes? I believe the reason we enjoy creative things is because we are made in the image of a Creative God! I'm thankful for that creativity in my life and in your life.     It's something worth celebrating. So come on in, and let me tell you about...

This month I decided on a Vintage Child--Toy theme using things that I had in other areas of my house or in my "rotating decor" box (things that I like to use periodically but not all the time).

On the left side of the mantle, I positioned these three items: 
1.  One of my favorite Longaberger baskets
For about 10 years, my little sister Vivian gave me a Longaberger basket every Christmas. I love them and they decorate a number of areas in my house plus serve useful purposes. This one that looks like a vintage child's lunch basket is one of my favorites.

2. A Vintage Hungarian Child's Cardboard Suitcase
For years I saw these wonderful little suitcases at craft fairs in Budapest and always asked if I could buy one, but the crafters using them for displays wouldn't part with them. Then, this last year (2011) at a flea market I found one!!! Yay! God! I was so happy, but I remained calm and bargained with the seller so he wouldn't know how much I wanted it. I waited until I was out of his sight to do the dance of joy!

3. Vintage Paper Dolls
Can't even remember where I got this book of paper dolls, perhaps when I went through my mother's things after she died. I love how they look and rarely have a good place to display them.

Right Side of the Mantle:
I like this small metal wind-up train engine that I got from my mother. She was a collector of all sorts of wonderful vintage decorations.

The little boy so intently tying his shoe is a Hungarian figurine made in a factory that no longer exists.
I've seen this particular figurine in a number of Hungarian second-hand shops, so they must have produced quite a few of them.  This picture shows the markings on the bottom.

The third item on the right side of the mantle is a vintage chalk box that I also inherited from my mother's belongings. Look at the tiny dove-tail workmanship...imagine all that work for a chalk box!!

If you saw my Christmas mantle, you'll know I love old books, and this display incorporates them as well. Don't you love this blue and black covered "School Colour Work." You can tell by the spelling of color that it's British and that's where I got it, in a British flea market for less than $5. 

Whenever we travel, I love to find local flea markets. It's such a wonderful part of the culture to see what people save and sell, to see their junk and their treasures. And it's a wonderful place to get unusual and inexpensive vintage items.

This is the most priceless item on the mantle because it was lovingly hand-made by my husband's mother when he was 5 years old! It's an embroidery depicting "The History of Transportation." Don't you love it? 

My mother-in-law at 81 still creates beauty. She knits baby hats for the hospital, creates detailed cross-stitch Christmas stockings for all of her grandchildren and great grandchildren, and does a number of other creative things...while she's watching NASCAR!! : )

I decided to leave the Hungarian fabric softener in the display again this month (go to Christmas mantle for explanation), but added my mother's Sunday School Chair...yes, my mother probably learned the 23rd Psalm while sitting in this little chair...isn't it sweet!!

The little teddy bear isn't vintage, but he asked if he could sit by the mantle this month. : )

The jar in the display is full of my husband's marbles which his sister recently found in her basement! The Horlick Malted Milk Jar is another thing I inherited from my mom.

I kept my small suitcases from the Christmas display in the same place but closed the top one and put some vintage children's books on top. To read the background on these suitcases, see the Christmas post. 

The book on top with the sweet picture of Jesus and a child came from my friend Kim who sells old books. The other two came from a flea market in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Love em!

On my library table in another part of the living room, I put my Storyteller

I love this Peruvian clay art, but the Storyteller is also a prominent part of Native American culture. And I love it because I want to be a Storyteller to my grandchildren, transmitting our family heritage and transmitting Truth about our wonderful Lord Jesus. I want to "tell the old, old stories of Jesus and His love...."

On one of my living room trunks I put one of my angels with a child and a German story book with a wonderful pictorial cover.

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  1. I love your home, your style, the way you arrange the items, and the white is just amazing.


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