Healthy Hamburger Soup or Stew

This is one of my favorite meals. It's easy although it does take two steps. I make it with grass-fed ground beef from our local farmers' market.

This messy pot represents the first step...boiling the hamburger...yes, boiling it in water. You can saute the hamburger, but boiling it gives it a completely different texture and flavor...perfect for this hearty soup, which you can make thick like a stew or thin like a soup. In addition, boiling it gives you natural juices for the soup base.

I boil it by crumbling it with my hands in a pot of warm water and simmering it until the meat is light brown. Afterwards I:
1. Separate the meat and broth
2. refrigerate (usually the day before I plan to make the soup)
3. when the fat separates solidly
4. I remove the fat by scraping the top with a spoon and discarding the fat.
This takes extra time and effort, but it gives you a natural broth free of grease and soft burger perfect for soup.

The day I make the soup, I grate carrots and potatoes. You can peel the potatoes or grate them with the peel. 

My husband cuts a large onion (he's the best onion cutter in our home).

To the burger, potatoes, carrots and onions, I used to add organic "Better than Bouillon" beef base. But now that I'm avoiding GMOs (and it has yeast extract), I just add salt. Since this contains the broth from the hamburger, it doesn't really need the extra flavor of the bouillon. Does anyone know of a bouillon that is non-GMO other than homemade? 

Then I let it cook on high for about 4-6 hours in the crock pot. I add a can of tomato soup close to the end (two in a large batch). I use an organic tomato soup, but you can use any type. The tomato soup really does add a nice flavor. 

When finished, it looks similar to chili, but tastes different. It's a hearty, filling soup, perfect with a chunk of corn bread.

Things I like about this meal:
  • Cornbread is one of my comfort foods
  • The soup is hearty with protein and veggies in one pot
  • If you have kids who dislike veggies, they are "invisible"
  • If you have extra company, you can add more broth and make it hamburger soup, or leave it thick like a stew.
  • It's great with grated cheese and/or sour cream on top

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  1. Oh Gail, this sounds so yummy for a cold January evening! I was just thinking about what to make with the hamburger I have thawed out in the frig!
    I have all the other ingredients, so I know what's on the menu in our house tomorrow night! ha! thanks, Anna

    1. I hope you enjoy it as much as my family does! bless you.

  2. Hi found you at Adorned from Above. This looks good I'm going to have to give it a try, thanks!

  3. I need something to cook for tomorrow that is easy and warm!! Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  4. Looks delicious!!! Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime. Hope to see you tomorrow!


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