Christ-focused Easter Decor

It's amazing how "springish" you can feel with 18" of new fabric and a spool of ribbon that wasn't made for the fabric but is almost a perfect match. 

These were my Hobby Lobby finds that I combined with things I already had to add a "happy" feel to a holiday that has sobering, awe-inspiring and happy ecstatic elements.

I reuse this IKEA straw wreath for almost every season. And the wood cookie mold is something I bought in Czechoslovakia when it was still called Czechoslovakia.

If you've viewed my mantle decorations before, you know that Matthew 6:21 is always there.

I used a white scarf and the roll of ribbon to add color and a soft texture to the display. Another reoccurring item on my mantle is this old wooden box that my grandfather used for his bills and receipts (and yes, his items are still in it).

I also used some of my Willow Tree angels that I rotate in and out of my decor storage to fit the season.

This cross made of nails is also new for me this year. I like the symbolism it provides of Christ's death and the nails that were driven into his hands and feet....for me.

You'll also notice 3 Jim Shore resin eggs in the country style he is known for. I got these for a bargain price at Ross several years ago.

On my library table, I have this little framed thought about the way the Lord was sold and a small leather bag of silver-look coins from around the world.

My dinning area is at the entrance of my home, and I hemmed the 18" of fabric to make a large runner. I actually like the oak table top to show but wanted something cheerful to mark the season.

In the heart dish are wooden hand-painted eggs I got over 30 years ago from a Polish girl. They are from Poland and Russia.

I can tell the difference between the Russian and Polish ones by the way they are stained and painted. You'll notice a wood-burned one as well.

This wonderful clay cross is from Peru, a souvenir from a mission trip we took there almost 20 years ago. I love the little men holding up the cross.

14 little men...

And the cross is a perfect symbol for the Easter season since the Lord was hung on one. The cross is a symbol of cruel suffering--crucifixion was one of the most terrible ways for a man to die--yet it has become the symbol of life for Christians who believe Christ paid for our sins when He hung on that cross.

The final area I've decorated is my dining room buffet. I displayed a book with a painting by Ron DiCianni.
Next to it I put a basket of real eggs, hand-painted from Budapest. We lived in Budapest almost 5 years, and these survived transport and storage.

Hand-painted eggs, many far more ornate than these, are typical in Hungary and Eastern Europe. Those with intricate designs can cost more than $5 each, but these were only about 50 cents each in a flower market near where we lived.
And in front of these items, I put 3 nails the approximate size of those used for a crucifixion, but the crucifixion nails would have been much rougher. Christ suffered incredible pain...

That's why I wanted my decor to reflect each element of the season:
  • Christ's death -- sobering
  • Christ's payment for my sins -- awe-inspiriing 
  • Christ's resurrection and victory over death-- joyous ecstasy!  

I pray you will have a blessed Easter. Thanks for stopping by! Please check out my home page where I feature 1-minute devotions. Thanks,



  1. Beautiful, Gail, as always. I made some modge podge eggs with Easter scripture on them, and they now grace the shelf above my kitchen counter. Thanks for the great idea and the how tos!

  2. Absolutely beautiful, and those eggs are so pretty. Love that it shows Christ and the reason for Easter

  3. Everything looks great. I'm glad that there are others who remember the true reason for Easter! I love all your Willow Tree angels :)

  4. My friend Carol Davis introduced you to me and I thank her for that. These are so lovely, meaningful photos. Little items but so mean a lot with your words.

  5. I love all the symbolism in your Easter decorating. The nail cross and hand painted eggs are my favorite!

    We'd love for you to share your posts at our Finished Friday blog party.

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    Rena Lynn

  7. Love how you used the fabric on the mantel!! So pretty. Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime!!

  8. What beautiful decorations. Thanks.


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