Come On In--Valentine Mantle

I believe that creativity comes from God because He is the Creator of the Universe and we are made in His image. And that's worth celebrating!  So Come On In to my home and take a look...I just decorated my mantle for February and Valentine's Day. 
I hope you enjoy it.
I used reds, lace and hearts for a romantic feel. 

The text above my mantle is always there, 
but it especially fits my theme this month, don't you think?

Valentine's Day is a fun holiday because love is always worth celebrating...
romantic love, the love for family, and love for the LORD!  

I first covered the mantle with a Toile table cloth I made several years ago and then added a white doily with lace trim. The doily has holes in it, but it's perfect for this display because I can wrap and fold it so the holes don't show, and the lace on the doily is so sweet. Imperfect linens and lace are usually bargain-priced at flea markets and antique shops, but you can easily hide the flaws when using them to decorate.

I have a collection of angels, but instead of displaying them all, I put out a few each month that most reflect the decor I want to emphasize. 

And red berries are a good decor investment--they work for Christmas, Valentines and to add red accents in a room.

I purchased this straw wreath at IKEA a couple of years ago and I like it's simplicity and dramatic color.

I pulled this heart from my jewelry drawer to accent the top of the wreath. 
I really like the design of this heart although I rarely wear it. 
But jewelry is something you can multi-purpose for decorating.

There's that little child's suitcase from Budapest--the same one I featured in my January Mantle. I love it! I put some scraps of Toile fabric in it this month and some red berries. (I talk about the origins of Toile in my December Mantle post.) The inside of the suitcase is worn and dirty, so this not only adds color, it covers flaws!

Next to the suitcase, a larger angel coordinates with the smaller angel on the other end of the mantle.

Now for the hearth: I've added another suitcase to my display this month. The suitcase on the left is one I retrieved from a junk pile in Budapest. It's cardboard--definitely made for hand-carried train travel--it wouldn't stand up to being thrown about like airline baggage. To see the origins of the other suitcases, see the explanations in my December Mantle post.

I put more Toile in the "junk-pile" suitcase...

and decorated it with a small-berry wreath, 2 stone hearts, and a wooden heart decorated with 2 Corinthians 1:22.

On top of the suitcases, I included my wedding photo (September 5, 1970), two little wooden boxes my father made (it's nice to have things to remember someone who is now with the Lord) and an old lace collar.

I love the delicate lace in this hand-made collar. Think of the time and love put into that collar...the stitches are so detailed.

On one of the old trunks in my living room, I put another old doily, a wooden heart box I bought in Poland, and another stone heart. 
(To see all of my trunks click HERE.)

The lid on this box slides to the side. It doesn't actually open up. And the edge design is wood-burned.

On the other trunk in my living room, I added this wooden necklace to the book/basket display that was already there. My mom had a friend make one of these necklaces for each of her daughters to remind us of the fruit of the Spirit. My mom is now full-time with Jesus and enjoying all of those fruits perfectly. I love having a place to display this.
On my dinning table I put a small lace table cloth--I love the contrast with the vintage oak table top (which my son refinished when he was in his twenties--I think he did a great job.) This table is a family heirloom--my grandfather sat at it when he was a child. I am the fourth generation to own it!!

Under the pitcher (from IKEA, I think) I put a beaded candle ring, and I added a piece of sheer red ribbon.

My January Mantle
Thanks for coming into my house and letting me show you things that are important to me. While you're here, please take a look at the rest of my blog, especially my home page that contains the thing most important to faith. I post a one-minute devotion on that page each weekday. 


  1. Wow - thanks for sharing all this and going into the details. I love your close-up pictures of each section! You did a great job with your mantle. You've given me inspiration. Thanks!

    Thank you for sharing this on the Take it on Tuesday blog hop. I'm pinning this on my favorite's board!

  2. How beautiful!! I love the old suitcases and the lace with the touch of deep red! Thanks so much for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  3. Wow! It's gorgeous!
    Found you on TT&J.. I would LOVE for you to come by and link this up at my linky party..
    Called create and inspire every Friday at 5pm
    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. I'm featuring this post today. I LOVE your mantle. Thanks for grabbing a feature button!

  5. Your mantle is "LOVE"ly-Your touches are divine-I'm your newest follower-stop by for a visit!

  6. Fabulous post,
    Thank you for linking your post up! , hope you will stop by today and link up another great post!!
    See you there
    Claire x

  7. Gail, I should have known when I saw that pretty photo that the link would take me to your house! I love all the little details. I'm sure your sweetie feels very special that you decorated your house with him in mind AND showcased him in the wedding photo touch. Sweet :)


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