Come On In--My Sister's Country Christmas Decor

In the beginning, God created...Genesis 1:1
God is creative and we are made in His image. This page is dedicated to displaying some of the creativity in God's children.
Charming Christmas Country Decor
My sister's backdoor entrance

I'm visiting my sister in Colorado for Christmas, and she is one of my favorite decorators. So I wanted to share some of the wonderful decorations she's added to her house for the season. Enjoy!

This old sled painted and adorned with a simple bow sits inside the backdoor.

I love the contrast of these red berries and vintage oak.

She even adds some holiday spirit to her stove top when it's not in use.

This little tree is real, not artificial and is in her dining room. She decorated it with gingham bows.

I brought her this stacking/nesting Santa from Germany several years ago.

I love this arrangement of vintage items near a basket of peppermint candy.

A closer view of the little tree.

I love how her blue and white patterned living room looks with Christmas decor.

She and I both decorate with gifts in an old trunk--just like our mother used to do.

this is a simple gallon jar filled with silver balls.

A vintage suitcase also holds some silver tree balls. 

This arrangement is a departure from her typical country flare and a nice contrast.

Two bottle cleaner trees add a sweet touch to this desk top.

My sisters country christmas decor

An antique sideboard in her entry hallway.

My sisters country christmas

I no longer do creative posts on Bible Love Notes, but I'd love to have you check out my 1-minute devotions and sign up for a subscription. God bless and Merry Christmas, Gail 


  1. Gail, you were leaving a comment on my wreath while I was looking at your beautiful home tour! Funny! Lovely decorations! Newest follwer! :)
    April Hoff

  2. The red is very pretty. It just pops.

  3. Hi Gail, just wanted to let you know that you were one of the top three this week at Vintage Inspiration, thanks so much for joining in!!!

  4. Hi Gail, I hopped over from Common Ground. Love your sisters Christmas decor. I'm sure you made her very happy. One of my favorites are the two bottle brush trees in the stemware.

  5. Hey Gail, just found your blog over at Commom Ground. Love your Sisters home... I am following along with you. Love your devotion to the Word. I hope you will stop by and visit and follow along with me. Blessings!


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