Coal Port Miniatures

During the time we were stationed in Germany (1979-82), I started a collection of Coalport Miniature china. The detail is exquisite and the patterns are Wedgewood patterns. I don't have a place to display these permanently, so they are part of my mantle display this month.

I displayed them on antique wooden boxes because I love how the rough wood textures contrast with the delicate patterns. And I included a few antique pocket watches too which give you an idea of the size of the miniatures.

This is my most complete set in the pattern Ming Rose.

These were inexpensive when I purchased them, but they are worth more now. At one point when we got rid of many of our household goods to go on the mission field, I sold some of these at a yard sale and later found out I had greatly under-priced them. But that's part of life. Sometimes you find the bargain and sometimes you offer it.

This little egg-shaped piece opens.

The tea pot, cream and sugar were sold as a set.

And the plate, cup and saucer were sold as a set. I think they are my favorite.

This place setting is in the pattern Pageant.

This pattern is Titania, and I loosely layered a piece of delicate handmade lace behind it.

I've always enjoyed miniature things...not sure why. But I think it's interesting how God gives each of us such specific ideas about what is beautiful. God obviously loves variety and each of us have our own unique tastes. And I'm glad for that variety. I love looking at decorating ideas.

This little tea set is not Coalport and is less expensive and less detailed. It's Staffordshire (see the box below).

Below is the brochure from the Coalport boxes that explains their history.

I hope you enjoyed my collection. I'd love to have you leave a comment and tell me your favorite piece.

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  1. These are absolutely lovely! We have lots of older, smaller items, and I may just borrow your idea to change up our display with the seasons. Some things are just too pretty to leave in boxes!

    I love how the china looks against the antique boxes. I think my favorite is the Ming set. So beautifully delicate, especially against the pocket watch!

  2. They are beautiful! I love the Pagaent pieces. I too am a collector but my collection is made up of small boxes from around the world. I started collecting 30 years ago and I only hope someone in my family will value them like I do when I am gone. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Gorgeous, love these :))))) and beautiful display.

  4. Beautiful porcelain, and I loved how you displayed them!

  5. I was at a thrift store and found this lovely Coalport tea pot for $5.00. I purchased it to give to my daughter. She bought a new home and was going to add an antique china hutch when the right one came along. So I went on line and could not find my pattern . I called the company and she gave me the pattern info and said last yr. she sold one for 596 I said $5.96 she said no $596.00. I about lost my breathe. So as you know your mini collection is very valuable. I hope you have taken pictures and let your insurance co. know. Thank you for the fun pictures


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