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The greatest treasure in my bookcase is the Bible, but it's fun to do an object lesson using a homemade book safe like this one I made for my granddaughter. Use it to teach about the treasure of God's Word or just for fun!

Someone once said that every mansion should have a hidden room behind a bookcase.

I agree. 

And I think every bookcase should have a "book safe"--a book with a hidden compartment.

I wanted to make something fun for my granddaughters, and I found these books (below) with interesting covers at a library sale for 50 cents each! 

I thought they would make neat "book safes" for a little girls' hidden treasures.

You can use any book for this project, although a hardbound book is best.

I started by marking the area I wanted cut out. I used a rubber band to keep the pages in place but I still had to hold the pages tightly when doing this. 

Then, using a sharp exacto knife, I cut down about 10 pages at a time and removed the square section of text. 

This was a slow process and I had to pull away little shreds of pages as I did this. Even with an exacto, it's not exact : )

Before I reached the back of the book, I put a piece of cardboard between pages to stop my cuts from going all the way through. This was because I wanted to leave uncut pages at the back as well as the front.

 I thought having pages at the front and back made it more secretive (i.e. you can open the book without immediately knowing it's a book safe.)
Some people suggest using mod podge on the entire outside pages to make them stiff and the inner cut-out more stable.

I chose to simply mod podge the inside sides of the cut-out so the outside of the book looks normal when closed. 

Then I set heavy objects on the book so it would dry without puckering. That jar that looks like lard is actually a candle : )

Because the back of this book wasn't very attractive, I covered it with a piece of scarpbook paper.


What lovely little treasures will my granddaughter put in her?  Later she suggested I should have made it big enough for her ipod. I'm not sure I agree...seems a little too "practical"-- I think it should conceal some special treasures!

Here's my little treasure holding it. Love this little munchkin who made me a grammy 11 years ago.

 Easy-peasy, don't you think? And fun. I think I might need one myself.

But my real treasures are found in a book without a hidden compartment--it's the Bible and I love finding its treasures, "hiding" them in my heart and sharing them with my subscribers. I don't send out these craft posts, but I send out a 1-minute devotion each weekday (see an example HERE). Would you like to sign up for it? You can do it below. Thanks!  Gail

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