Bread Loaf Server

One thing I really enjoy about spending time in Budapest is the bakeries. They have the most beautiful loaves of fresh bread, unwrapped in big bins or on wooden racks. These two lovely loaves cost approximately $1 each.

The loaf on left is 2kg (4.4 pounds) of white bread. The smaller 1kg loaf is whole wheat. Notice the paper label stuck to the bread to identify it.

For our last time hosting our church fellowship group here in Budapest, I decided to create a serving bowl with this large loaf. Many of you have probably done this with a smaller round loaf. Some years back a Knorr spinach dip was popular in a bread bowl. I started by cutting circles the size of a plastic cup and removing the bread inside the crust.

My kitchen doesn't have much counter space here in Budapest, so you'll notice the clutter on my table. The carton labeled tejföl is sour cream, and the Hungarians have delicious sour cream. The fact that the fat content is 20% makes it especially creamy and rich.

I cut and tore the bread that I removed from inside the crust into dipping size pieces.

I made two round holes and one triangular opening and added a bowl of cherry tomatoes for color and also for dipping.   Plus I cut out a small hole for toothpicks at the top.

Ready to fill.

This view shows you the plastic cups that I put inside the round holes. I put chunks of Trappist cheese in the triangular hole, onion dip (sour cream and dry Knorr creamy leek soup mix), and pepper/eggplant dip (sour cream and bottled pepper/eggplant condiment). You can make these dips in the States because Knorr soups are available and you can get pepper/eggplant dip if you're near a Trader Joe's in the States.)

My guests seemed to enjoy it. Seven of us ate all the white bread, half of the whole wheat loaf cut up for dipping, and most of both dips. 

So what do you think? Is it something that appeals to you?


  1. This sounds wonderful! My son-in-law is Hungarian, so I think I'll surprise him with this one of these days. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It looks delicious - and fun to have condiments and cheese inside the large loaf of bread. Thank you for sharing. I'm stopping in from the Grand Social.

  3. Although I haven’t been privileged enough yet to travel outside of the states, I am intrigued about learning things from different cultures. Thanks for sharing this bread appetizer. It’s exciting to be learning about a new culture in your blogs. Feel free to share other recipes on your blog !
    Thanks Gail

    Jamie Rhea (Pronounced like Ray)

  4. I bet a spinich dip would be fantastic in this bread loaf! Mmmmmm..
    I will have to try !

  5. Mmmmm, makes me think about all the yummy breads and pastries I had when I was over seas in college. Bread and cheese went with everything! This is such a fun way to serve it! Thanks for sharing at Take it on Tuesday!


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