A New Shower Curtain

Come on in! I believe we are each creative because we are made in the image of a Creative God. This time I'm featuring something creative and frugal:

$10 bathroom make-under

It all started with a discounted shower curtain from Marshalls...
For many years I've been using a beige Battenberg lace shower curtain for my guest bath. The picture below is from 4 houses ago and 13 years ago.  I had fun decorating that bathroom with a grass-green runner, baskets, bunnies and a little wooden picket fence along one wall. But it looks pretty bland and dated to me now...just like the shower curtain was looking. 

My current guest bath is a bit unusual with two doors and no windows. It has mauve walls, and I'd previously decorated with mostly brown and mauve, so I knew I'd need to add some blue highlights to coordinate with the new blue shower curtain. 

Besides the shower curtain, I didn't buy anything new...I just used things from other locations in my home. First I decided to hang a metal plate that I'd previously displayed on the vanity.

Then I added a blue-framed photo of my children taken about 35 years ago! To finish, I added one of my angels, a vintage tin, and glass beads. I know these are not typical bathroom decorations. Usually people use beach/water themed items, but I kind of liked doing something different.

I make jewelry, so I had these beads in my bead case. I thought they looked like sea glass and the colors were perfect, so I put them in a small dish.

on the back of the toilet, I put a beaded light blue placemat.

And I found this bead wreath in my table/candle decorations.

I kept the jar of sea shells on the counter because they are from our 40th anniversary trip to Croatia in 2010. But I decided to add my bendy art doll as a quirky touch that my granddaughters will enjoy.

Last, I put a "SWIM" sign above the toilet (or "MIWS" sign if you're reading it in the mirror!) I actually had it in my beach-themed bedroom. Since everything (except the shower curtain) came from somewhere else in my home, this make-under only cost me $10!


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Have a blessed day, Gail


  1. That shower curtain is so pretty. I like how you incorporated more blue by adding the blue touches on your sink vanity.

  2. Very Pretty! I love makeovers.
    Please come share you masterpiece at:

  3. Very nice. Way to be resourceful! :)

  4. Love the shower curtain. At first I thought it was a beautiful old tablecloth. That set my mind to working as I have some lovely old clothes. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This is such a pretty makeover! Thank you for sharing your lovely post at Potpourri Friday!

  6. Hi! Visiting from tt&j. I love this re-do..and so thrifty too! The shower curtain and the picture of your kiddos are my favorites :)

    If you get a chance I would love for you to share this at my Friday party :)

  7. Beautiful . . . and inspiring! I'm trying to decide how to decorate some rooms in my house without completely renovating the whole room. Your simple touches are great ideas.


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