Valentine Mantle 2013

This January has been a busy month, so my Valentine's decorations are not as extensive as usual, and if you look at LAST YEARS VALENTINE DECOR, you'll notice I incorporate some of the same items. But there's also new items, one that I just bought in January while we were vacationing...

My "new" find is the Edison Gold Moulded Cylinder, an early method of music recording (read about its history HERE). I found it in a little dusty, dirty, cluttered antique shop (the best kind!) in Honolulu and paid $2 for it. The song written on the inner wax tube is "Camp Meeting." 
The Tobacco box ends up in lots of my arrangements. It's something I inherited from my mother's collectibles  And I almost always include a few books from my vintage book collection. I love the brown hymnal in front and the message of the red book on the right that's titled "Make Christ King." The red book on the left is a Hungarian title. You can see them better in the photo above this.
The red box with wood-burned edges and the clay angel are both from Krakow, Poland. My husband and I do Christian work in Budapest, Hungary and have had the opportunity to travel quite a bit in Eastern Europe. Krakow is a lovely city.

This IKEA straw heart wreath, sold at Christmas one year, is great for so many occasions. This year I hung two tin-pressed heart ornaments on it.

To the right of my fireplace is my red rocker with a heart pillow and a Willow Creek angel with heart on the trunk end-table. If you've never seen my trunk collection, you might want to check it out HERE.

On the fireplace hearth, I've stacked some of my old luggage. The bottom two are from Hungary and the top one is special to me--it was my mother's hair-dresser case where she kept her curlers and such. She was a beautician. Behind these items you see an old Hungarian tool used to soften rough fabric.

This Willow Creek angel is the big sister to the one on the trunk and one of many that I have. I used to have them all displayed, but now I rotate them to fit the theme of my decor.

Well, that's it for Valentine's this year except some fun craft projects with my granddaughters.

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Bless you,


  1. Precious valentine decor! I like how you incorporated some items that can be used during Christmas - RED is my color ;-)

  2. I love your Valentine decorations! I am working on my own Valentine table--we have no mantle. But my sense of decor is horrible. Thanks for your inspiration! I love all your trunks.

  3. Very pretty and love the stories behind the items you used on your mantel. Have you been to Romania? My two children are adopted from there in the late 1990s.


    1. Thanks, Mary.
      I've only visited Romania once. We lived in Budapest 5 years and return there for ministry each year. But I have a friend who makes regular visits to Romania and works mostly with the eldery, but also with orphanages. You'd love hearing more about her ministry. Her site is here:


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