Romantic Victorian Tree

For many years I've alternated between two themes for my Christmas tree. This year, two of my granddaughters wanted to help me decorate, and they chose to decorate with my "romantic Victorian" theme. 

It's what I'd call my "fancy" tree versus my family tree that has lots of homemade decorations and lots of color.

Here's my oldest granddaughter. She loved decorating without me getting too involved.  I let the girls do almost all of it, and I love how it turned out.

This little munchkin said she liked the birds and sparkly garlands the best.

The birds sit on little doilies and they have tree bark wings. They were called "mushroom" birds, but they aren't actually made from mushrooms.

I used a handful of beaded hearts plus a long garland of white pearls and a garland of vintage-look lace.

I topped the tree with a heart and silver bow.

These globes look like mother of pearl. I bought them in Budapest, so I'm not sure what they are actually made of. And these resin crosses look like bone or ivory.  The only color on the tree is from small blue globes.

Beaded drawbag purses, glass hearts, beaded tassels and pearl garland.

Hand crocheted starched snow flakes.

To the left is my doctor's trunk filled with fabric and a beaded stocking.  For more detail on the trunk with wrapped packaged beneath the tree read Under-the-Tree Trunk.

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  1. Hi, visiting from Grand Social! Your tree is absolutely lovely! I wish I were able to be creative like this. Beautifully put together!


  2. Your tree is spectacular! Of course the girls would want to decorate with all the beautiful, sparkly decorations and beads. It really is pretty and so are the photos of the girls! Merry Christmas!

  3. Oh, yes, this is definitely a tree that would appeal to little girls (and bit girls, too:). My daughters, always the glitter queens, would have loved the strings of pearls, lacy doilies, and sweet-faced doves. Very elegant! Thanks for letting us peek in your windows this week.

  4. Stunning...Thank you for sharing it and have a Merry Christmas!

  5. Amazing.
    Happy and Blessed Christmas!

  6. Incredibly gorgeous, Gail!
    My daughter and I luv Victorian. Wonderfully put together.
    How fun - a special decorating time together.
    Merry CHRISTmas to you and your family.

  7. I love your tree--it is just beautiful! Your Granddaughters are adorable too :)

  8. This is such a beautiful tree. Love all the close-up pictures showing the details. Your Grands did a fantastic job. Little decorators in the making for sure :)

  9. you Christmas tree truly reminds me of vintage done well. love the colors and the grandkids are the cutest.

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  11. Beautiful tree. I just love reading your devotionals. Merry Christmas!


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