Little Art Bucket

2 year-old Paxton already loves coloring
We are made in the image of a creative God. No wonder we love to decorate, craft, bake, write, and enjoy God's creation in so many individual ways.

And that desire to be creative starts young.

My grandchildren love to draw and craft, create and imagine.

And I've created a Little Art Bucket for them.

It's a good way to keep all the things they like neatly in one place.

And they ask me to get it down almost every time they visit.

Here's how it looks in a blue plastic handle container...full to the max with fun ways to draw, color and create.

I keep it on top of the fridge out of the way until needed.

It contains:
  • Crayons in a plastic box
  • Washable markers in a pencil bag
  • How-to-draw animal pages from a reproducible book
  • Color books
  • Plastic shape stencils
  • a folder of stickers
  • composition books for each child (which they decorated)

4 year old Scout created a wonderful little cottage and butterfly this day.

And Paxton created a fun page of scribbles.

I love to create, and I love to help my grandkids create. How do you help your kids or grandkids develop their right brains and still keep a little order in your home?

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  1. Your bible posts are always food for the soul and this post is food for the spirit! Your grandchildren are beautiful and clearly enjoying the wholesome fun they are used to having with you!

  2. I have a similar basket in my house for the kids. It's accessible for them, yet out of the way enough so as not to clutter the house. They love to get it out and see what's new inside {I try to add new things from the $ Store periodically.}

    Your grandkids are adorable. Thanks for sharing this post. It's a good reminder that God created us to be creative like Him, and our children are certainly evidence of that!

  3. Looks like they are loving that art bucket! It is nice to have it all in one place both for use and cleanup!

  4. Such a smart idea for keeping the creative stuff handy. Thank you for sharing in the GRAND Social.

  5. My grandma always had neat things stored too, and I bet they love that bucket! Visiting today from the Adorned from Above hop. :)

  6. I love your ideas. I recently added a large chalkboard in my living room. The girls can draw right here in the same room with us. I also keep a basket with coloring books and crayons. I also like using a roll of paper. I tear off a long piece and lay it on the floor for them to color on. Then they like for me to hang it over the bed where they sleep at our house.

  7. So fun!! Your grandchildren are really cute. :) Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime!

  8. Your grandchildren are gorgeous! I love that idea. We have a craft bin of our own. Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library.


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